The Syrian War and The American Administration Today The Syrian War and The American Administration Today

Nevertheless, the Americans have been plying the YPG that America’s NATO ally Turkey sees as an outlawed terror group and has sworn to utterly destroy with heavy weapons while American forces are faced with the onerous task of protecting them from their fellow Turkish allies.

And to make matters even more interesting, China too has jumped into the fray by offering Billions of dollars in aid to the Assadist regime.

  • The Iranians and their vested interests

As for the Iranian backed militias fighting ISIS, (that the Americans is also fighting) they are considered to be enemies of America, but at the same time these same enemies have been fighting alongside Americans in neighboring Iraq and general Townsend the commander of American forces in Iraq has openly praised them for their velour in combating the ISIL threat in Iraq. Even as the same militias have been fired on by the same American forces barely a stone’s throw away from the Iraq Syrian border which had repeatedly led to heavy casualties on the latter’s side.

Add to that the fact that, ISIL the most terrible terror outfit the world has ever seen has also declared a Syrian city “Raqqa” as its capital and had launched a mass genocide of the minorities in both Syria and Iraq and the fact that all of the above regional and local players are ‘ostensibly’ united in their desire to eliminate this threat once and for all.

  • A thermonuclear Armageddon in the works?

Into this nightmare cauldron has stepped President Donald Trump. A single mistake on this powder keg with virtually all of the world’s major powers within “grenade throwing” distance of each other could erupt into a war of global proportions reminiscent of the two world wars that have already being fought in the previous century.  And with most players armed with thermonuclear weapons, the odds are that a single miscalculation on anyone’s behalf could easily lead to a potential ‘Armageddon type’ scenario.

While campaigning for the presidency, Donald Trump had been singularly clear about the whole Syrian quagmire. He had famously intoned that there was no point in getting involved in Syria since nobody knew who was supporting which ideology to begin with. In other words, the multiple times the US govt. had tried to arm and train so called” vetted” pro-democracy and secular minded liberal rebels, they had simply joined the Al Nusra front or Al Quaida (of the 19/11 day of infamy) along with all the weapons they had been given, which were subsequently used to target American allies on the ground.

Initially, after the election, Trump seemed to follow the same pattern and evinced interest in an ostensibly hands-off policy in Syria.

  • Trump’s attack on the Syrian armed forces

However, all that changed when there were charges that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons against the rebels. Trump did not wait for any confirmation of any sort as to the fact that who was responsible for the attack. But straightaway pinned the blame on the Assadist regime despite their vehement denials to the contrary and ordered the navy to attack an air force base (with Tomahawk cruise missiles) where the chemical attack had allegedly taken place.

Written By: Tahir Shabbir

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