Genetic yacht lab maps marine life off Florida in search of cures

A team of scientists has begun collecting the genomes of sea creatures off the Florida coast in the hopes that

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Solar eclipse set to cast its shadow ‘down under’

Australian star-gazers will be treated to a rare celestial spectacle from late Tuesday afternoon, as an annular solar eclipse casts

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‘One Way Mission’ Space Ark To Be Built To Save Humanity!

Scientists are on the verge of developing a ‘space ark’ which will carry humans on a one way mission in

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China to install the world’s biggest telescope

China is on course to have the world’s largest telescope (as large as 30 football fields) installed in its southwest.

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Internet Explorer vulnerable to cyber attack

Microsoft Corp is rushing to fix a bug in its widely used Internet Explorer web browser after a computer security

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Scientists crack the genetic code of bloodsucking tsetse fly

Scientists said Thursday they have cracked the genetic code of the tsetse fly, potentially helping to tackle one of sub-Saharan

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Bill Gates’s editorial in Red Chinese newspaper Urges the well-to-do to do more to help poor

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on wrote in the People's Daily, the mouthpiece newspaper of China's ruling Communist Party, to encourage

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Scientists discover new rare genetic brain disorder

International teams of researchers using advanced gene sequencing technology have uncovered a single genetic mutation responsible for a rare brain

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Apple agrees to replace faulty “on-off button” on some iPhone 5

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP), Apple is offering to fix some older iPhone 5 smartphones with flawed on-off buttons. In a posting

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