AGENCY RULES: First thoughts AGENCY RULES: First thoughts

By Sasha Scheherzade:

Loved that invincible, clandestine operative, and uber sophisticated precision sniper, Kamal Khan!
The thriller had me engrossed from the moment Pandora opened at PM’s Secretariat right through the Premiere’s assassination and the climax at ‘The Sanctuary’ till the very end at the DG’s office with a sure international espionage kept as a detainee!!!
That was prime!!!

The description was ever so precise and detailed that one could clearly visualize the the overall action. It is more like one is actually living through the hell even as it broke loose or as the plotline unfolded.

The soft corner kept for the terrorists by the FC commander in exchange of a swelling bank account cannot possibly invoke sympathy from any patriot. The brutal end of the traitor was well-deserved. Speaking of the complex terrorists, those who are so driven by their twisted motivations are very thoughtfully portrayed!

For a civilian/commoner, the novel is interwoven into a series of intriguing (otherwise complicated) events which are gripping and extremely well-told!

All in all, a very timely published novel that would help people around the globe understand the proud and resilient nation that Pakistan is. A nation that is equally disturbed and disgusted by terrorism and is standing tall and united in times of crises and is fully aligned with their armed forces, against all non-state activities, at all times.

Thanks for that once-in-a-lifetime glimpse behind our infamous Kalashnikov culture, (as opposed to SteveMunnion) Khalid Muhammad.

The Author: Khalid Muhammad

The Author: Khalid Muhammad

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