Trump and Kim: Two semi-grown men playing with ‘fire and fury’ Trump and Kim: Two semi-grown men playing with ‘fire and fury’

“May you live in interesting times”

Ancient Chinese saying

It is difficult to predict with any degree of certainty, just what the ongoing Trump era holds for the world at large and the American people in particular especially the North Koreans.

“Little Rocket man wants to commit suicide”

Trump on DPRK President Kim Jon Un at the UN General Assembly

If anyone can out threaten the North Koreans it is almost certainly Trump with his endless diatribes of wiping North Korea of the face of the Earth. Which unfortunately, he has the power to do easily enough. Regardless of their H bomb

Yes, there is no doubt that Trump is the voice of the American voter who had become jaded and cynical with the establishment firmly ensconced on Capitol Hill. They wanted a ‘mover and a shaker” and that is precisely what they have gotten.

Looking at Trump’s life and leadership style in retrospect, it becomes abundantly clear that the man knows exactly what he is doing, from his tirades to his iconic ‘You are fired” statement, Trump has cultivated a persona that shows that when he walks into a room, he is automatically the man in charge, simply by virtue of his mere presence.

This mixture of bluster, bravado and sympathy has resonated all across the nation and has struck a chord in the hearts and minds of his myriad legions of followers. Yes, this style has worked with the ‘pay per view crowd’ that avidly watch W.W.E. Yes, it has worked with the audience of ‘The Apprentice” reality show.

But being a president of the largest and most powerful nation on earth in an era of turmoil is a whole new kettle of fish altogether. There are no directors to yell “Cut” for another take, there are no fresh young ‘wanna-be employees’ to take under his wing or force them off the show as the case may be.

Wherever he goes, there is a nondescript man with a small briefcase who is always within sight of him. This man carries the codes of the nation’s nuclear bombs. Bombs powerful enough to wipe the entire human species off the face of the earth!

On the global stage, there are no scripts at all. And if a leader of a world power refuses to blink and leave the set, what precisely would Trump do? Only time will tell.

Yes, we most certainly live in interesting times.

Written By: Tahir Shabbir
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