Who says “Ghost Riders don’t exist?” Who says “Ghost Riders don’t exist?”

This scribe had arguably the worst possible experience in his life with reference to Foodpanda. Placed in an order for a pizza at pizza at 8:15 or so. Was given 30 minutes delivery time. Waited for 45..Foodpanda asked me to contact pizza hut. . They gave 20 minutes delivery time. Ok good enough..

Pizza Hut

Waited for another half an hour. Got in touch with foodpanda.. After 10 minutes a certain Mr. Ismail told says’ he is looking into it.’ Another 15 minutes later and  called Pizza hut again.. They said they have put it the relevant complaint to the relevant branch. After another 15 minutes,  called them (pz) again. And this time after waiting for 5 minutes Mr. Adeeb goes through the whole “we-are-looking-into-it” routine  Then he cut the call.. Meanwhile foodpanda was too busy to respond beyond “your complaint has been registered” so, called up pizza hut again.. And this time they were treated to a verbal barrage

How they  keep insisting that they are looking into it and simply hang up.

Eventually someone finally spoke the truth! Guess what the restaurant nearest my home is closed! They were all stringing a line all along! What with the branch being closed an all..

No one had bothered to get in touch with them! As for my money. The call center person was apologetic and said sorry.. I understand food panda has a habit of sending a panda to their irate customers.. I would not advise them to do so in my case, since the species is endangered as it is.. And as for pizza hut.. I am sorry to say they have hired a bunch of fibbers to their call center. Who are simply “programmed to go” your pizza will be here shortly” The fact that the darned restaurant is closed is irrelevant of course!

To be fair, Food panda did compensate though by sending a domino’s pizza that I had ordered. When I gave the rider the amount he insisted that it was paid for.  They also apologized profusely for the delay. I got some food after around four hours or so.

Now with a full stomach.  I can look at the humorous aspect of the  “Pizza Hut’s Ghost Riders.. Wizzing all around town delivering ghost pizzas to very real customers.”

Written by: Tahir Shabbir

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