My nightmare experience of applying for a US visa in Karachi
I recently applied for the US B2 Visa from the Karachi consulate of the US on January 03, 2018...
Abu Kamal: Grasping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
It was at Abu Kamal that the end of the ISIS Caliphate was announced. When the Syrian army helped...
Gabon: The trip of the lifetime to the land where time stands still
‘Africa’s very last (Garden of) Eden’ Mike Fay Gabon (officially the Gabonese Republic) is arguably one of the single most stable...
10 Foods you should not order on first date
Find the right partner is difficult and first dates are even harder. A first date can be a nightmare of anxiety as you want to make a good impression as you are terribly nervous, you have so many thoughts on your appearance, and rest of the time is spent... Read more
25 traditional wear for men
When boys grow up to be men their tastes and choices become an excruciating example of maturity. These signs unleash the most when it all goes haywire during their wedding planning. While the bride sets her foot down and acknowledges suggestions, men finally take the wedding wardrobe under own... Read more
To end or not to end….That is the question
By SAB Some live life. Some just breathe. The process of inhalation and exhalation becomes really grueling; on the realization of the latter. And sometimes, you feel like ending this otiose process; for it should be ended. The only reason why you can’t end it is your timidity. I... Read more
Syria at a cross roads: World war III on the horizon?
By: Meer Khan The world is in a state of war. It is torn apart in terms of strategic and geopolitical relations and of course warfare. And, this foul weather ought not to be identified with a new Cold War because the Cold War abided by certain safeguards with... Read more
Anatomy of a Desi wedding
By Joan of Arc Before you start reading my yet another ________ (fill only gracious adjective in the blank) write up, let me warn you this one is nothing about being “philosophical”  or thinking-out-of-the-box etc. It is very random. It is pretty typical. It is quite debauch. So if... Read more
Panama Leaks: Behind the veil
By Darya Khan Soon after the Panama report was leaked, the world media was afire with reports surrounding the largest ever money scandal. Huge data excavation amounting to 2.6 terabytes of information have unveiled dirty deals, money trails, and political shenanigans perpetrated by world leaders, politicians and celebrities. As... Read more
BOHEMIAN CRUNCH – Where Urban Crafters Meet
By Sasha Scheherzade: Varah Musavvir’s Bohemian Crunch, is an epic handcraft exhibition that emphasises on creative displays and innovative products by  emerging young entrepreneurs in the city of Karachi. The craft exhibition was every bit as successful as Varah’s other colourful craft shows, at RoyalRodale except for the fact that... Read more
“Anuska left me, I will leave cricket” Kohli!
In perhaps the most shocking sports development this year, Indian cricket whiz Virat Kohli announced his retirement from the game owning to “health concerns” due to having being ditched by Bollywood diva Anuska Sharma. In a statement released through BCCI, Kohli, whose heroics in the ongoing World T20, turned... Read more
AGENCY RULES: First thoughts
By Sasha Scheherzade: Loved that invincible, clandestine operative, and uber sophisticated precision sniper, Kamal Khan! The thriller had me engrossed from the moment Pandora opened at PM’s Secretariat right through the Premiere’s assassination and the climax at ‘The Sanctuary’ till the very end at the DG’s office with a... Read more
Wheeling around with Zenith Irfan
By Sasha Scheherzade: Meet Zenith Irfan, a 21 year old travel enthusiast who has broken taboos pertaining to women on two wheels, thereby venturing out on a motorcycle journey out in the rugged terrain of our beautiful Pakistan with the active support of her mother while being led by her free hearted soul.... Read more
The nexus between Positive Law and Democracy
By Joan of Arc II Democracy is a political system in which supreme power lies in a body of citizens who have the power to elect people as their representatives. Or in Abraham Lilcoln’s importal words “ of the people… for the people… by the people” And this is exactly what... Read more
Abdul Sattar Edhi: An enduring icon of hope
“My religion is humanitarianism… which is the basis of every religion in the world”.  Endearing sentiments perfectly expressed by Mr. Edhi,  undoubtedly one of the most beloved of philanthropists in the whole wide world. The city of Bantawa in Gujrat witnessed the birth of  this uniquely great man who was christened Abdur Sattar... Read more
BKU massacre: Aftermath of the terrorist outrage
By Sand: The Paranoid Lizard It has happened again. After the appalling massacre in APS Peshawar in December 2014, the whole nation stands mourning and grief once more, with the terrorist attack at Bacha Khan University in Charsada. Even those living far south from Peshawar and Charsada can hear... Read more
Sadaf Munir… Unplugged!
Sadaf Munir, arguably one of the most talented vocalists the country has ever produced, along with her accompanying musicians held a rare concert in Karachi  last weekend. The ‘nightingale’ as she has been dubbed by her fans has had the rare opportunity of working with the likes of Nisar Bazmi... Read more