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WhatsApp Unveils New Interface with Enhanced Features

Meta's WhatsApp has introduced a new user interface, enhancing its design to…

Zainab Haider 2 Min Read

WhatsApp Introduces Encryption Label Feature for Enhanced Security

WhatsApp, addressing growing concerns over messaging security, has launched a significant update…

Zainab Haider 2 Min Read

Here’s How to Get WhatsApp Personalized 3D Avatars

An avatar on WhatsApp serves as a digital representation of you. Crafted…

Jaffar Khan 2 Min Read

WhatsApp to Phase Out Support for Older Android Devices by October 24

WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Meta, has declared its upcoming discontinuation…

Zainab Haider 1 Min Read

WhatsApp Unveils HD Video Sharing

WhatsApp has recently launched an exciting feature allowing users to share high-definition…

Zainab Haider 1 Min Read