Mind over Matter: The Universal Key to Near Absolute Success Mind over Matter: The Universal Key to Near Absolute Success

Whatever we try to do, each and every one of our aims as well as objectives, either long term or for that matter, short term may well be accomplished only and only when we have the mindset necessary to achieve them.

The raw grit and determination we put in any task we want to complete is totally dependent on the power of our very own mindset. If we have the mindset to succeed our battle is already won halfway. Conversely, if our belief in our own abilities is not strong, the chances are we won’t be confident enough when we start a task and therefore will most probably fail when we try to achieve it.

This holds true in everything from our workplace related tasks to the more personal ones such as losing weight or proposing to the girl of our dreams.

Sometimes a mindset is hard wired by the environment in which we have grown up. Take for example the fact that most girls are taught from a very early age that they won’t be good at mathematics since it’s a ‘boys’ subject. With this belief firmly embedded in their minds they don’t even try hard enough and when their grades are lesser than their male peers they are convinced it’s purely due to their gender.

And it’s not just little girls in pre-school but a large number of people all around us who insist in believing that its fate/karma/kismet or put simply; the cards dealt to us at birth that decide what we will become. This fatalistic tendency is the root cause of failure in almost everyone. And all the other traits and habits of highly successful people take a back seat to it.

Put simply, if you believe that you are not going to succeed. Than that is precisely what will happen. Yes, intelligence, creativity, and an innate ability to think out of the box may well be desired traits for success. However, they are not the core determinants which enable us to reach for the stars.

The “X’ factor was and will always remain simple ‘mind over matter’ because that and that alone makes us get up and go back into the fight long after we have given our prime. A truly successful person never ever gives up but uses his failures as stepping stones to success. That is why most successful people pursue their aims with single minded dedication. They do not allow themselves to be distracted easily whether by others or the clutter of their own minds. If they have an idea they will follow it through relentlessly to its logical conclusion, rather than get waylaid or sidetracked by other ideas and shortcuts regardless of how different and alluring those ideas may be.

Even if they achieve some modicum of success they don’t let it go to their heads but rather strive to ‘improve their game’ regardless of how long it takes. And that is what mind over matter is all about.

Ultimately failures in life are not born, but are made and are purely a product of the negativity of their own minds.

Written By: Tahir Shabbir
Photo Courtesy: phoenixfyre

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