Pepsi Battle of the Bands: “Kashmir” Wins Through Pepsi Battle of the Bands: “Kashmir” Wins Through

The original Pepsi Battle of the Bands was originally aired at the then premier Pakistani television channel PTV home almost 15 years ago.

Now after all these years Pepsi revived its iconic show once again as a direct challenge to the mega hit Coke Studio.

The revived series received its new lease on life with a grand total of 18 bands performing in front of the judges.  One by one, in the initial episodes bands were eliminated till it became the ‘best of the best’ affair.

After competing with multiple bands for the last few weeks, the two finalists – Kashmir and Badnaam – went head to head against each other as the lone finalists, once the bedlam of sound and fury had cleared.

Kashmir Band

This means that the hot favorite Badnaam, has become the Runners-Up winner of the show. The finale or last episode of the show was a nail biting affair as the two leading bands tried to outdo each other.

Badnaam band

But how had this battle come about. For this let us take a look at the preceding episodes and the various fares that the audience and the judges were treated to

It was by the 4th episode that a clear picture was emerging. This is because it was perhaps the important episode to emerge from the season so far, since its theme was originality.

Here, all six bands competing for the top prize had to present an original song to survive the second knockout round. Some managed to make a mark with a lot of panache and  flair while others had to be eliminated.

Making a guest appearance, singer-songwriter Sara Haider opened the episode and sang a song called ‘Zindagi’.

As for the bands, Kashmir, the eventual music outfit who stole the limelight in episode three with a moving rendition of Aamir Zaki’s ‘Mera Pyar’ presented a psychedelic creation called ‘Buddha Baba’ and managed to woo the crowd quite efficiently.

Meanwhile Karachi-based music outfit, Darvesh, who covered a Sounds of Kolachi creation in the previous episode, presented an experimental, fusion-y, blistering track called ‘Sadaye Darvesh’, and managed to pick up mixed reviews from the judges.

The popular band (in terms of audience applause that is) Jasim and the uniquely named Pindi Boys delivered a groovy original called ‘Korina’ that won over all the judges while Roots presented a song called ‘Khirkiyaan’.

This is pivotal episode Badnaam’s original was called ‘Khwaja Ki Deewani and fan favourite Madlock too held their ground with an original composition called ‘Kab Hoga’.

After this episode it was a straight heat to the finish that was won by “Kashmr.”

Now that Kashmir has become The Winner of Pepsi Battle of the Bands, they are justifiably entitled to a music album contract, concerts across Pakistan, Lifetime royalties on all music produced and fame to carry with them their whole life.

Let’s hope all this exposure takes “Kashmir” to new heights and they continue to churn out their trademark great music.

Written by: Jaffar Ali

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