iPhone 8: Release date, price, rumours and news iPhone 8: Release date, price, rumours and news

The iPhone 7 was  released in September 2016, but iPhone 8 model featuring only iterative upgrades.

iPhone 8 release marks a 1oth anniversary since the iPhone,which was first announced by Steve Jobs on 9 January 2007, and released later that year on June 29.

Some reports indicates that Apple Inc. intends to celebrate it by upping iPhone 8’s price to new highs.

Media reports also indicates that Apple has been holding back some of its most groundbreaking features for this year’s model – which many expect to be called the iPhone 8 .

Unofficially dubbed iPhone X, iPhone 7S, and iPhone Edition – suggests fresh design and improvements in the features, Goldman Sachs is the latest and fourth outlet to say iPhone 8 will come with a whopping $1,000 price tag.

Rubbing salt in the ‘wound’ to the loyalists’ pocket is the fact that this may be just the starting price!

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In a note, Goldman Sachs’ Simona Jankowski and her team of analysts said, “We expect the iPhone 8 to have 128GB and 256GB models priced at $999 and $1,099, respectively,” Business Insider reported.

This is, therefore, simplified as follows: iPhone 7S: from $649, iPhone 7S Plus: from $769, and iPhone 8: from $999.

Interestingly though, Jankowski argues that iPhone 8 is definitely coming soon, despite insider sources giving hints that Apple will not be announcing a new iPhone iteration this year. “Apple usually explores multiple designs in parallel. However, with only four months left until launch, we believe Apple has now locked down the design,” the analyst explained.

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Earlier, Nikkei, 9to5mac – citing celebrated Apple analyst Ming Chi-Kuo – and FastCompany have also claimed iPhone 8’s price will touch $1,000.

Nevertheless, here’s a brief forecast of what iPhone 8 may offer: 5.8-inch OLED screen, no bezel and all screen, 3D sensing, better and faster NAND/DRAM memory, capacity starting at 128 GB, A11 processor, no home button, and biometric authentication.

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