To end or not to end….That is the question To end or not to end….That is the question


Some live life. Some just breathe.

The process of inhalation and exhalation becomes really grueling; on the realization of the latter. And sometimes, you feel like ending this otiose process; for it should be ended.

The only reason why you can’t end it is your timidity.

I know “to end” is considered a cowardly act. And “to face” it has a universal appeal. In fact, it is often being glorified in well adorned garbs like courage, strength, audacity and what not. And I can’t help but smile at the fact that how we humans camouflage fears with such fancy nouns.

I mean who are we kidding anyways? Deep down in our hearts, we all know what guts it takes to put a full stop on this system. Seriously, try taking that sweet little fruit knife from which you cut pomegranates with love, near your wrist or perhaps while enjoying the moonlit night on your rooftop, put your one foot on the other side of the railing or may be when you are watching sun setting at the sea side, take a walk towards horizon and then walk some more! And see how it feels. See what courage/ strength/ audacity yada yada it takes.

You have to be really strong to “choose” to crush all your chances of having light at the end of the tunnel and end “it” on the halfway mark. You frame your end which would and could never be unraveled. And a bold end like this should receive the guard of honor.

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