Fake restaurant becomes London’s top-rated eatery
A non-existent restaurant supposedly based in a garden shed briefly became London’s top eating place on travel and restaurant...
Chinese woman undergoes plastic surgery to evade $3.7 million debt: media
 A 59-year old woman from the central Chinese city of Wuhan transformed her appearance through plastic surgery in order...
I’ll have a rat with that: San Francisco’s new rodent cafe
The rodent-borne bubonic plague may seem unappetizing, but for a few San Francisco visionaries, it proved just the inspiration...
Shoes speak louder than skills  in London’s City
Graduates applying for jobs in London’s finance sector risk being overlooked if they wear brown shoes, a government-commissioned report into social mobility said Thursday. “Opaque” dress codes practiced by those from more formal backgrounds are being used to judge candidates, with brown shoes a fashion faux-pas that many from... Read more
Egypt takes anchorwomen off air until they lose weight
Egypt’s state-run television has taken several anchorwomen off the air until they lose weight, the broadcaster’s chief told AFP, drawing criticism from rights groups but also praise from some commentators. Egyptian public television, commonly viewed as a staid government mouthpiece, has been struggling to compete with private satellite channels... Read more
90-meter cigar for Fidel’s 90th birthday
A Cuban tobacconist finished rolling a 90-meter cigar on Friday to celebrate the 90th birthday of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. “It is 90 meters long, to commemorate 90 years of our comandante,” the maker, Jose Castelar, told AFP. The cigar is part of the iconic image of the communist... Read more
Blazing toilet rolls help Australian medic plane land
It was a bizarre sight — 20 toilet rolls set on fire and lined up in rows after being drenched in fuel. But for pilot Geoff Cobden, it was the only way he could safely land his plane in the dark of night in a remote area of Australia... Read more
Dutch man’s 10 day-wait at Chinese airport for woman ends in hospital
A Dutch man spent 10 days at an airport in China waiting for a woman he met on the internet but ended up hospitalized after the stay took a toll on his health, local media reported. Alexander Pieter Cirk, 41, arrived at Changsha’s Huanghua International Airport last month hoping to meet a 26-year-old... Read more
Malawi Police arrest man paid to have sex with 100 children
Malawi police have arrested an HIV-infected man who was paid to have sex with more than 100 adolescent girls as part of a traditional ritual marking their passage to womanhood, officials said Tuesday. Eric Aniva, from the southern district of Nsanje, was held after giving a media interview confessing... Read more
Russian pranksters call heads of WADA, U.S. anti-doping agency
Russian media published on Friday calls by two comedians to the heads of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) pretending to be Ukrainian Sports Minister Ihor Zhdanov. Pranskters Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexei Stolyarov separately called WADA President Craig Reedie and USADA chief executive Travis... Read more
India firm gifts Trump 6,000 tea bags to cleanse his soul
An Indian company Thursday said it had sent 6,000 green tea bags to White House hopeful Donald Trump, believing they would help him to become “smarter” and cleanse his soul. The unusual gift — which equals four years supply if drunk four times a day — was from Kolkata-based... Read more
Raisin’ cash: Japan grapes fetch $10,900 at auction
A bunch of grapes in Japan sold for $10,900, a record price for the variety in the fruit-obsessed nation where the produce can be a huge status symbol. Seasonal fruit offerings in Japan routinely attract massive sums from buyers seeking social prestige, or from shop owners wanting to attract... Read more
Drug lord’s pet hippos roam Colombian village
More than 20 years after Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar died in a gunfight with police, a strange legacy survives him: his pet hippos. Look out of the window in the dead of night in the village of Doradal and you may see one plodding down the street. Police... Read more
S.Korean selfie tourist dies in Peru waterfall: police
Peruvian police pulled a South Korean tourist dead from under a waterfall in the Amazon jungle, days after he fell in while taking a photo of himself, police said Monday. The man, 28-year-old Kim Jongyeob, slipped and fell 500 meters (1,640 feet) under the waterfall in northeastern Peru last... Read more
Napoleon’s last horse to strut his stuff after makeover
Visitors to the Army Museum in Paris are being treated to the rare sight of two taxidermists at work restoring a stuffed horse — Napoleon’s last horse ridden by Napoleon Bonaparte. “Le Vizir” is a little worse for wear more than 200 years after carrying the emperor to victory... Read more
Muslim girls denied Swiss citizenship over refuse to swim with boys
Swiss authorities have rejected the naturalization application of two Muslim girls who refused to take swimming lessons at their school alongside boys, reported USA Today. The girls, aged 12 and 14, refused to take the compulsory lessons claiming their faith prevents them from swimming with males. The Basel residents... Read more
Iran’s ‘fashion police’ stops Levi’s catwalk show
Iranian police cancelled a catwalk show set to mark the opening of an unofficial Levi’s store in a Tehran shopping centre. The event was cancelled by “a last-minute police intervention” just before male models were set to walk on stage before a crowd of about 150 on Wednesday night,... Read more