The Monsoon Season in Karachi: A Bane or a Boon?
A few way word drops of ran and the entire infrastructure of the city goes belly up. And it...
The Champions Trophy: The Ultimate Eid Present!
It was on a warm autumn day a few years back that Pakistan lost to their hosts and the...
“Maalik”: Reloaded
A sneak peek at one of Pakistan’s most controversial action flick! Few directors have the courage to take on...
SSG: The Phantom Warriors
They strike as if out of nowhere and then melt into the darkness like ghosts. They are the “Phantom Warriors” of the SSG: (Special Services Group). The elite of the elite. Widely recognized to be the best special services forces in the whole world, The commandos of the SSG... Read more
Portrait of a “Loving Addict”
Photo credits: Umme Hamdani A hairy unkempt man crawling towards the poster of his favourite model and kissing it in absolute rapt silence. Second after second. Minute after minute. He left the pic. Walked away. And then started back, went down on his hands and knees to kiss the... Read more
Conceal carry: The Sheep dog Mindset
As crime rates surge and an increasingly ineffective state looks indifferently on, more and more armed legally armed civilians have switched to conceal carrying weapons for self defence. Some prefer non lethal weaponry such as pepper sprays and stun guns, while other realise that deadly force needs almost always... Read more
GB Elections and Diaspora voting rights
 The government of Pakistan had offered to arrange external vote-casting for Afghan citizens/refugees in Afghanistan elections (2004) which was respectfully turned down by friends of Pakistan –the Afghan government. If a similar offer were to be made to at least Pakistan-based Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) kinfolks in their upcoming legislative assembly... Read more
Ranikot fort: The great wall of Sindh
The ancient fort of Ranikot lies a few kilometres from Sindh. Its also known quite aptly as the ” Deware-Sindh” (The great wall of sindh)  With a circumference of nearly  26 kilometres its pretty much the largest fort in the world. “The size of Ranikot defies all reasons. It... Read more
14 old Kanza dies of food poisoning.. Does anyone care?
As little Kanza was stepping into her teens her life was extinguished  for a reason so trivial it almost boggles the imagination. She died simply.. because she consumed her favourite brand of chicken burger. “It was like just another day when you receive a call from your kids, who... Read more
An interesting mugging

An interesting mugging

Blog February 1, 2015 2

I decided to go to the friendly neighborhood mosque one fine day last Ramazan. I parked the car a block away since that was the closest parking place I could find. I saw a motorbike standing at a distance with a suspicious looking character near the corner of the... Read more
The Heart of Violence

The Heart of Violence

Blog January 24, 2015 0

I live in a country where violence is a norm and not a perversion. We have become increasingly immune to its presence. So much, that within weeks of the Peshawar Attack that killed more than a hundred children – not only does a national leader get married, but the... Read more
Aitzaz Hasan….  Heroes live forever
Aitzaz Hasan was large for his age and was fondly called Motu (fatty) by his friends because of his formidable girth. He was but 15 years old when faced with a dilemma no living person should ever have to face. He stood alone and unarmed.. with nothing but his... Read more
Quaid-e-Jawan Jibran Nasir through the eyes of his polling agent: An interview with Saadia Tariq
Till a few years ago nobody had heard of this young 20 something UK returned lawyer. Today, the world knows Jibran Nasir as one of the few hardly souls who have dared take on the wrath of Mullah Abdul Aziz,  the pro ISIS hardline cleric of Laal Masjid fame.... Read more
Fearless Malala dares to dream….
Pakistan’s very own Malala Yousafzai, the world renowned campaigner of children’s rights and arguably Pakistan’s most loved face the world over, is more determined than ever to carry on her crusade, and aims to serve Pakistan by coming back one day and joining politics. The teenage activist, who at... Read more
Ever thought how your fashion choices can make a difference to the environment?
Let’s not ignore the fact that one of the major sources of pollution is the fashion and textile industry. Millions of ‘fast’ fashion garments that was worn an average of just six times are being land filled every day. More and more diseases are being attributed to our constant... Read more
When we talk about living a happier life in Pakistan, one is liable to hear, the by now ubiquitous refrain ‘you-must- be-kidding-right,’ but truly most of the people around the world, especially Pakistani’s, would agree. Pakistan has the essence of a truly multi-cultural society that has a mix of... Read more
Love and compassion in Naya Pakistan… Imran Khan? by Ambreen Paracha
It was on the eve of the creation of Pakistan that its chief architect and proponent Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah clearly outlined the principles on which the newly born state was to be based. In his Presidential Address to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan on 11th August 1947, Quaid-e-Azam... Read more