My nightmare experience of applying for a US visa in Karachi
I recently applied for the US B2 Visa from the Karachi consulate of the US on January 03, 2018...
Abu Kamal: Grasping Defeat from the Jaws of Victory
It was at Abu Kamal that the end of the ISIS Caliphate was announced. When the Syrian army helped...
Gabon: The trip of the lifetime to the land where time stands still
‘Africa’s very last (Garden of) Eden’ Mike Fay Gabon (officially the Gabonese Republic) is arguably one of the single most stable...
The Syrian War and The American Administration Today [Part III)
Once, Donald Trump decides to go after Al Quaida after the destruction of ISIL, he would be attacking Idlib since it is their main bastion of power. Which would also be attacked by Assad since it is also the last major rebel outpost against him. Then what? Would Trump... Read more
The Syrian War and The American Administration Today
Nevertheless, the Americans have been plying the YPG that America’s NATO ally Turkey sees as an outlawed terror group and has sworn to utterly destroy with heavy weapons while American forces are faced with the onerous task of protecting them from their fellow Turkish allies. And to make matters... Read more
When Rain Meets Eid-Ul-Azha in the City of (No) Lights
Rain is supposed to be the ultimate blessing of mama nature. And it may well hold true for most of the civilized world, but certainly not for Karachi. Why? You may ask. Well, the answer is fairly simple really. While the other cities of the world if not the... Read more
The Wonderful World of Medicinal Plants and Their Value in Our Lives
Ever since the dawn of civilization (and probably even before,) plants with medicinal values have been used/consumed to treat and eventually cure a host of human maladies. In fact, long before medicines were invented, plants were the only source of medication for our ancestors and indeed their use as... Read more
The Syrian War and The American Administration Today (Part-I)
The terrible war in Syria has bought arguably more misery than most other conflicts of either this or the last century, barring only a few even more terrible wars such as the second world war and the Vietnam conflict. However, like the great wars that took place early on... Read more
3 methods of using the Debt Snowball Strategy to Eliminate Multiple Credit Card Debts Successfully
The somewhat unusual sounding ‘debt snowball’ strategy is a method many chronically indebted person use as a means to help reduce their overall debt burden over an extended period of time. This method is not all that difficult to master one you are able to understand it completely. Basically,... Read more
The Virtues of Waking Up Early
Ø Introduction A lot of people simply leap straight up from bed and go about their lives for all the world as if the whole planet is their oyster and they are its pearls. Not that there is anything wrong with that old hackneyed cliché “Rise and Shine” but... Read more
The Eternal Quest for Tranquility
The Parable of The Grief Stricken Japanese Emperor Many many years ago, there lived on the Island of japan an emperor who was afflicted with the curse of undying misery. Indeed, so grief stricken was he because of his responsibilities and the duties that came with his high stature... Read more
Reducing Stress: The Main Keystone to Maintaining a Healthier Lifestyle
Even as our lives become vastly more complicated in today’s fast paced environment. Stress rears its ugly head: This eventuality may be part and parcel of our very one lives, or our professional workplace et el. Perhaps one of the most important stress points are our intergender relationships. This... Read more
The Monsoon Season in Karachi: A Bane or a Boon?
A few way word drops of ran and the entire infrastructure of the city goes belly up. And it is the same year after year as the tall claims of the local and provincial administration of being “prepared” for the monsoon look like so much hot air. In fact,... Read more
The Champions Trophy: The Ultimate Eid Present!
It was on a warm autumn day a few years back that Pakistan lost to their hosts and the minnows of worlds cricket Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports Club. As the Zimbabwean home crowd cheered in ecstatic delight, an utterly dejected Pakistani side realized that they had sidled all... Read more
“Maalik”: Reloaded

“Maalik”: Reloaded

Blog October 23, 2016 0

A sneak peek at one of Pakistan’s most controversial action flick! Few directors have the courage to take on sensitive topics that upset the ‘powers that be’ and still fewer have the necessary ‘panache’ to create a cinematic experience that is not only enjoyable but also leaves many answered... Read more
Anti-corruption calls by Imran Khan
As the ominous political clouds seem all but intent to turn into a rumbling storm, Imran Khan is gearing up his party and heading out towards Islamabad which he has vowed to seal at the fag end of this month, and has also asked his coterie of blind followers... Read more
Sattar Buksh: Thumbing its nose at all and sundry
The brand with an attitude does it again! Once upon a time there was only “Star Bucks.”  The giant coffee chain straddled the globe with few rivals and no superiors.  And then our one an only “Sattar Buksh” marched on to the world stage with a brazen panache that... Read more