Apple’s ‘Error 53’ could totaly shut down your iPhone forever Apple’s ‘Error 53’ could totaly shut down your iPhone forever

iPhone users are complaining about the mother of all errors. A ‘horror rather then an error  that renders an unsuspecting user’s phone useless if it detects that the handset has been repaired by a third-party instead of at an Apple store.

Error 53 shows up on the phone screen if unofficial parts are put into the phone. It is related to repairing the home button, which also includes the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

There is no getting rid of the error, which has been occurring since that update was pushed out late last year. The issue appears to be limited to Apple’s most recent major software update, iOS 9. However, if phones have been repaired in the past, they can also break as soon as they are updated to the new operating system.

The problem appears to occur because Apple wants to ensure that the hardware, which is used to get access to everything on the phone as well as to make payments, stays safe.

According to the Guardian, Apple responded to the problem saying that the data from the fingerprint is stored within its own special area of the phone. With an Apple repair, the connection between the phone and the sensor will be re-checked. However, a third-party repair won’t do that, and the phone will therefore shut itself down to ensure that it stays safe.

“Without this unique pairing, a malicious touch ID sensor could be substituted, thereby gaining access to the secure enclave. When iOS detects that the pairing fails, touch ID, including Apple Pay, is disabled so the device remains secure,” Apple told the Guardian.

If the problem occurs, Apple suggests making sure that the phone is plugged in to the latest version of iTunes. If that doesn’t fix the phone, then users should force restart it by holding down both the sleep button and the home button until it reboots. Then users should try again to restore it through iTunes.

Further, Apple recommeds that if the problem continues then users should go to an Apple Store or another authorised service centre.

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