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Get the latest updates on Pakistan’s GDP challenges, including high inflation, elevated public debt risks, and slowed economic growth. Learn how the government is addressing these pressing issues

Commercial Importers to Cease Operations Amid Dollar Shortage

Recently, commercial importers in Pakistan have stopped importing all consumable goods and…

Jaffar Khan 2 Min Read

Pakistan’s ‘Plan B’: Seeking Bilateral Support Amid IMF Stalemate

Considering the prospect of a sustained stalemate with the International Monetary Fund…

Jaffar Khan 3 Min Read

Pakistan’s Textile Exports Witness Significant Decline amidst Varied Trade Trends

The textile sector of Pakistan, a significant contributor to the country's economy,…

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Moody’s Warns Pakistan on IMF Negotiations & Fiscal Challenges

Moody's Investors Service has expressed concern that Pakistan's prospects for securing loans…

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Pakistan’s Economic Challenges: GDP growth projected to be 0.8%

Significant debt sustainability indicators have deteriorated in the first half of the…

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