Chinese woman undergoes plastic surgery to evade $3.7 million debt: media
 A 59-year old woman from the central Chinese city of Wuhan transformed her appearance through plastic surgery in order...
I’ll have a rat with that: San Francisco’s new rodent cafe
The rodent-borne bubonic plague may seem unappetizing, but for a few San Francisco visionaries, it proved just the inspiration...
Girlfriend convicted in US texting suicide trial
A 20-year-old US woman was convicted of involuntary manslaughter Friday for ordering her teenage boyfriend to follow through on...
Morocco bans production and sale of burqas: reports
Morocco has banned the production and sale of burqa full-face Muslim veils, apparently for security reasons, media reports said Tuesday. While there was no official announcement by authorities in the North African nation, the reports said the interior ministry order would take effect this week. “We have taken the... Read more
Queen Elizabeth II almost shot by her own guardsman
The Queen Elizabeth II was once found strolling palace gardens at 3am by a guardsman, who told her: “Bloody hell, Your Majesty . I nearly shot you”, it has been claimed. According to an account of the astonishing encounter, Her Majesty quipped in response: “That’s quite all right. “Next... Read more
New York thieves net $6 mn in jewelry on New Year’s Eve
Thieves rang in the new year in New York with a $6 million jewelry heist close to where thousands of police officers were deployed around Times Square for the annual midnight ball drop. Police were still searching Tuesday for the three alleged robbers seen on surveillance cameras at KGK... Read more
Hollywood sign changed to ‘Hollyweed’
A prankster managed to change the iconic sign overlooking Los Angeles early Sunday to read “Hollyweed,” said L.A. Police Officer Christopher Garcia, who works in the agency’s security service division  Los Angeles police said unidentified thrill-seekers had climbed up and arranged tarps over the two letter “O’s” to make... Read more
Drunk Canadian pilot arrested after fainting in cockpit
A Sunwing pilot was arrested Saturday after being found intoxicated in a plane he was about to maneuver out of Calgary airport in western Canada. The 37-year-old man was found drunk shortly after 7:00 am (1200 GMT) in the cockpit of the plane he was supposed to pilot to... Read more
Smallest Waist: Michele Kobke is close to breaking the World Record
Michele Kobke, 24, German citizen, has spent the past three years working to achieve her dream of an hourglass 15-inch waist and she’s almost reached it. Michele Koebke’s body were an hourglass; the German woman’s waistline has been cinched to a circumference of only 16 inches. Koebke, 24, has... Read more
Saudi police detain young woman for removing abaya
Saudi police detained a young woman for violating modesty rules after she removed her abaya, the loose-fitting, full-length robes women are required to wear, on a main street in the capital Riyadh, local media reported on Monday. The Arabic-language al-Sharq newspaper reported that the woman was detained after a... Read more
Following expressing concern in NA Standing Committee Cricketers barred from performing push-ups
Pakistan cricketers barred from performing the celebratory push-ups after it came under discussion in a meeting of Senate Standing Committee where lawmakers expressed their ‘concerns’ over cricketers’ unique style to rejoice the win in the ground. According to local news channel ‘Samaa News’, the matter unexpectedly came under discussion in Senate... Read more
Pak spy balloons, pigeons, boat captured
A frightened India on Sunday claimed to have got hold of suspected balloons with sentences written in Urdu on them in the Gurdaspur area, media reports said. After the flop drama of a pigeon’s custody, India has come up with the balloons case and claimed to have “detained them”... Read more
A giant lizard intrudes Formula One track
Formula One acquired an exotic addition to its list of wildlife hazards on Saturday after a large monitor lizard wandered onto the Singapore Grand Prix circuit during final practice. “There’s a giant lizard on the track,” exclaimed Red Bull driver Max Verstappen. “You came face to face with Godzilla,”... Read more
Gold toilet opens for business in New York
The streets may be paved with gold in heaven but in New York, it’s a gold toilet providing creature comfort – and an eyeful for visitors to the city’s Guggenheim museum. The working toilet, cast in brightly gleaming gold, has been installed in a fourth-floor bathroom for the private... Read more
Pokemon Go ‘is blasphemous’ Indian court told
Pokemon Go is blasphemous and should be banned, an Indian court was told Wednesday, because it rewards religious vegetarians with eggs. Lawyer Nachiket Dave argued that the game offended the religious sensibilities of Hindus and Jains some of whom do not eat meat or other animal products by giving... Read more
Iran shuts 800 shops for selling ‘unconventional’ coats
Iranian police said they had closed more than 800 clothes shops to stop them selling “unconventional” women’s coats, state media reported on Monday. A further 3,000 shops have been sent warnings, the IRNA news agency reported. A new fashion for women’s coats — known as “manteaux” in Iran —... Read more
Shoes speak louder than skills  in London’s City
Graduates applying for jobs in London’s finance sector risk being overlooked if they wear brown shoes, a government-commissioned report into social mobility said Thursday. “Opaque” dress codes practiced by those from more formal backgrounds are being used to judge candidates, with brown shoes a fashion faux-pas that many from... Read more