The Tubby Tyrant and His Favourite Toys The Tubby Tyrant and His Favourite Toys

As far as tyrants go, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is as nondescript as they come.  He looks like a Korean version of “Kung Fu Panda.”

However here all resemblance stops because unlike his ‘panda’ counterpart, the current head of the Kim dynasty is not even remotely shy of bumping off his political opponents without let or mercy.

From using exotic poisons in foreign lands to blowing up recalcitrant generals and uncles with Anti-aircraft guns, Kim may well give Daesh a run for his money. Like Daesh he is quite ruthless but unlike Daesh he does pack a lot of Atom bombs. And seems overly enthusiastic about using them.  From enthusiastically blowing up underground caverns with Atom bombs he has sense graduated to “the fearsome Hydrogen bomb, arguably the single most devastating weapon known to mankind. And to top it off he is busy developing the missiles to send his deadly ‘toys to almost all -parts of the globe.


From the US to the UN, all cries and pleas to refrain from being ‘this’ naughty have fallen on deaf ears ad Kim prefers to follow his own advice, exclusively. After every sabre rattling of his nuclear bomb and missile swords, he generally comes up with a few blood curdling threats against Americans and their allies in general.

But, that was before the advent of the other foaming at the mouth elected leader of the ‘free world’ who has promised to fight fire with fire quite literally in this case.  In fact, President Trump had promised Kim that he would meet him with “fire and Fury’ in a vain attempt to out threaten the isolated little country. Might as well try to out pray the pope.

Thing is, threats don’t work on the DPRK the rathe erroneously named “democratic” republic of North Korea” nor do sanctions as may be evident from the decades of steadily more stringent sections being levied on the hermit nation.

For this we have to study the core principles on which the nation state is based. I.e the concept of ‘Juche” or self-reliance that had been the foundation of the North Koran state. The Nation’s founder and dynasty create” Kim el Sung” had created this concept and insisted that the country has to be utterly self-reliant in every aspect of its existence otherwise other more powerful countries will basically eat it for breakfast.

North K Missile

So literally did the erstwhile North Koreans take his advice that now their indigenous nuclear programme is way more advanced then Pakistan’s as per the father of Pakistan’s atom bomb. Dr. AQ Khan.

And it is not just nukes alone that are part of its armoury. The tens of thousands of artillery pieces aimed squarely at Seoul can easily turn that city into a veritable sea of ‘fire and fury.’

It seems that Kim has learnt the lessons of Juche well. He knows that his enemies would have done to him what was done to Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria had he not had the nukes to defend himself.

Only time will tell if these fearsome weapons are every put to use.

Written By: Tahir Shabbir
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