Why raw determination is crucial to ultimate victory Why raw determination is crucial to ultimate victory

“You have to make up for the smallness of your size by your courage and determination to duty, for it not life itself that matters but the courage, fortitude and determination that you bring to it”

Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s address to the Pakistan Navy circa 1988

Put simply, if you believe that you are not going to succeed. Than that is exactly what will happen in both the short as well as the long runs. Yes, intelligence, creativity and an innate ability to think out of the box may well be desired traits for success. However, they are not the core determinants which enable us to reach for the stars.

The “X’ factor was and will always remain simple ‘mind over matter’ because that and that alone makes us get up and go back into the fight long after we have given our prime. A truly successful person never ever gives up but uses his failures as stepping stones to success. That is why most successful people pursue their aims with single minded dedication.  They do not allow themselves to be distracted easily whether by others or the clutter of their own minds. If they have an idea they will follow it through relentlessly to its logical conclusion, rather than get waylaid or sidetracked by other ideas and shortcuts regardless of how different and alluring those ideas may be.

Even if they achieve some modicum of success they don’t let it go to their heads but rather strive to ‘improve their game’ regardless of how long it takes. And that is what mind over matter is all about.

Ultimately failures in life are not born, but are made and are purely a product of the negativity of their own minds.

Written By: Rashida Zahid
Photo Courtesy: Economist

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