Wheeling around with Zenith Irfan Wheeling around with Zenith Irfan

By Sasha Scheherzade:

Meet Zenith Irfan, a 21 year old travel enthusiast who has broken taboos pertaining to women on two wheels, thereby venturing out on a motorcycle journey out in the rugged terrain of our beautiful Pakistan with the active support of her mother while being led by her free hearted soul.

Q – Alright tell me what inspired you to venture out on your own in the first place?

ZI- My father inspired me. I lost him when I was 10 months old. He wanted to travel the world on a motorcycle. I am doing this as a legacy dedicated to him.

Zenith Irfan

Q – About your parents, how supportive were they?  Any difficulties you face at parental front?
ZI- My mother proposed the idea of traveling on a motorcycle. She has been extremely supportive and has encouraged me through out.She understand the need to travel and hence, I have never had any issues.

Q- Okay so you set off on a two wheeler, were you on your own or accompanied by your team?
ZI- I was with my brother and some friends.

Zenith Irfan

 Q- Initial reaction from different people as you vroomed away?
ZI- No reaction since they taught I was a male. However they were surprised when I stopped by them to ask for directions. And I would just ride away quickly so they never got the time to react.

Q- What was your travel circuit? As in what areas did you cover?
ZI- These are the places where I rode: Skardu, Gilgit, Deosai Plains, Babusar Top, Naran, Kaghan, Islamabad, Murree, Abbottabad, Chilas, Rama Valley, Astore, Shigar Valley, Misgar Valley, Sost, Passu, Hunza, Khunjerab Pass.

Zenith Irfan

Q- What model  two wheeler did you ride on?
ZI- I rode a Honda CG-125; a 2009 model.

Q- Would you recommend other girls to travel and if so, under what safety measures?
ZI- Yes. Of course. My blog is all about pursuing one’s dream whether it be traveling or paining. Just put on a helmet and start riding! Pakistan is a safe place for travel.

Q- And how did you pass the nights? Did you keep on riding or were there nightly pit stops? Check-in’s at deserted areas sound unsafe…
ZI- We stopped riding by sunset. Mostly we avoided night time journeys. We would just check in at a local hotel around sunset.

Q- And camp out for the night?
ZI- We only camped once and that was when we were crossing the Deosai plains.

Q- What were the items deemed mandatory in your travel kit?
ZI- Gear: Helmet, Armour, Knee pads, Gloves
Winter clothes, mufflers, boots, Mosquito repllent, essential toiletries and whatever I considered  important to carry.

Q- How many rides collectively?
ZI- I did two tours. One was to Kashmir which was a solo tour and the second one was with my brother and 4 of my friends.

Q- Details of your first adventure please…Where did you start off? How long did it last? How many pit stops and when and where did it end?
ZI- The first tour was in July 2015. It was a one week tour. The places I toured were Neelam Valley, Shardah, Kel, Muzaffarabad.
Zenith Irfan
Q- Second tour? Start and finish? And time duration?
ZI- Lahore to Khunjerab Pass. It took us approximately three weeks. I don’t remember the exact duration as I never counted my hours.
ZI – My First tour was in July 2015 and the Second tour was from August till September 2015.
Q- And how did you manage acquiring of a bike? Any fixed monthly budgeting for yourself before you ventured out?
ZI- I had a job, and so I saved money for my trips.
Q- About your blog, you can be reached at…
ZI- Zenith Irfan: 1 Girl 2 Wheels.
Zenith Irfan
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