Of Knife Attacks and Shisha Parlors Of Knife Attacks and Shisha Parlors

Of late, there is a demented young man who has taken to talking the mean streets of Karachi’s Gulistan-e-jauhar area, armed with evil intentions and a razor-sharp scalpel. His main aim in life seems to be to randomly accost women in the streets and stab them in the back.

He has no obvious particular interest in the victims, from maids working in the locality to little pre-teen girls, as long as they are members of the fairer sex then he will do his bit and proceed to stab them.

So far, the number of victims has reached around one dozen and there is no perceptible drop in his stabbing spree. In fact, the raw terror that he has created seemed to have emboldened the youth and he has now expanded the scope of his operations from Jauhar all the way to Gulshan and even Hyderi in North Nazimabad.

The discription taken from CCTV footage and pictures and victims’ descriptions is that of a black clad youth on an old bike, wearing an equally jet black helmet. His modus operandi in all reported stabbings seems the same. I.e. attack from the back and get away.

Whereas he was stabbing an average of one person per week, the massive publicity seems to have sent his ‘stabbing’ mechanism into high gear and he is now enthusiastically following his ‘calling’ my stabbing multiple women all over Districts East and Central of the city.

As for the cops, they too have shifted into high gear and raided of all places, a shisha parlor where bunch of young lads were enjoying a quiet smoke without bothering anyone, in the least.

This raid was conducted in Millennium Mall at the very place where the stabbing spree has been taking place. The cops very proudly boasted of their “accomplishment” by posting pictures of their “haul” I.e. confiscated shishas and as for the runaway stabber. Well while the cops were busy collecting shishas he was equally busy stabbing little girls in roughly the same locality.

It is no wonder that the incensed people of the area have commenced a massive demonstration against the lathery and apathy of the authorities and demand immediate action against the stabber. But since none seems to be forthcoming as such, the odds are it will only be a law abiding and armed citizen with a licensed weapon who will put this terror down once and for all. As for the cops, well there are plenty of shishas to confiscate and young boys to arrest.

Written By: Kinza Chaudhary

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