Imran Khan fail to submit record of $100,000 relating to Bani Gala Imran Khan fail to submit record of $100,000 relating to Bani Gala

The Supreme Court bench resumed hearing Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan’s disqualification case today.

During the hearing Imran Khan’s lawyer Naeem Bokhari admitted in court that a record of $100,000 pertaining to the cricketer-turned-politician’s Bani Gala mansion was not found.

The chief justice remarked that Imran Khan yet to submit the missing financial details of Imran’s Bani Gala property.

Where are the details of funds sent by Jemima for the Bani Gala property purchase, asked the chief justice.

He also remarked that the PTI chairman’s reply does not include details of how the property was purchased in Jemima’s name. You need to satisfy the court regarding the 160,000 pounds, the chief justice remarked further

The court further stated that Imran was supposed to disclose the loan in the nomination papers that he had filed before the general elections of 2002, since the loan was a liability.

“Imran Khan will have to prove that he borrowed the amount from Jemima,” said the chief justice.

Naeem Bokhari, Imran’s counsel, stated in response to a question raised by the court that Jemima had transferred the money to Imran via the couple’s mutual friend Rashid since he was an employee of CitiBank and could convert the money before handing it to Imran.

As per Bokhari, $285,000 were transferred to Rashid from Jemima. The court demanded that money trail pertaining to the Bani Gala transaction amounting to $126,000 was missing.

In response, Bolkhari replied that records of transactions amounting to $16,000 and $5,000 conducted between Jemima and Rashid were available. However, he conceded that a transaction amounting to $100,000 was missing.

The chief justice stated that documents submitted in court by Imran Khan were not acceptable since they were photocopies and not original.

Meanwhile, Akram Sheikh, the counsel for Hanif Abbasi, argued that in the documents the name of the person who sent the amount was stated as J. Khan.

“J.Khan could also be Jahangir Khan,” he said. “The J. Khan transaction has been proved,” he added.

Akram Sheikh stated that CitiBank had closed down its operations in Pakistan in 2006 hence the authenticity of the documents was questionable.

“Habib Bank had taken control of CitiBank’s affairs. The records can be obtained from Habib Bank as well,” he added.

Hearing of the case was adjourned till September 26.

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