Nine foreigners among Melbourne car attack injured
A man who mowed down pedestrians with his car in Melbourne attributed his actions to “perceived mistreatment of Muslims”,...
US intelligence chiefs sound alarm on overseas web spying law
US intelligence chiefs on Thursday sounded the alarm about the imminent expiration of a law that allows them to...
220,000 women sexually harassed on public transport in France: study
More than 220,000 women were sexually harassed on public transport in France over two years, the national crime statistics...
Australian parents haunted by Egyptian court scene
The parents of jailed Australian journalist Greste say they are haunted and depressed by images of him caged in an Egyptian court.Greste is one of three Al-Jazeera English journalists who appeared in a Cairo court on Wednesday along with 17 other defendants on charges of joining and aiding a... Read more
Hamid Karzai’s Brother Quits Afghan Poll Race
The brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has dropped out of the forthcoming election race to endorse fellow candidate Zalmai Rassoul.  Qayum Karzai told a press conference in Kabul that his team was “a key part of this new alliance”.President Karzai, who cannot run for office again, has said... Read more
Venezuela breaks relations with Panama over demo talks
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Wednesday, March 5, his government was breaking diplomatic relations with Panama after the country called a meeting of North and Latin American nations over protests in Caracas. Writing on Twitter, Panama President Ricardo Martinelli said that the move was “surprising,” adding: “Panama only longs... Read more
Blue on Green Attack! NATO air strike kills five Afghan soldiers
A NATO air strike in eastern Afghanistan accidentally killed five Afghan soldiers on Thursday, officials said, the latest incident likely to worsen already fraught relations between Kabul and the US-led coalition. NATO offered its condolences over the deaths and vowed action to avoid further mistakes. Read more
Venezuela remembers late leader Chavez
Tens of thousands of supporters of the late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez took to the streets on Wednesday to mark the one-year anniversary of his death. Chavistas dressed in red gathered for rallies in Caracas and elsewhere to honor the socialist leader, whose 14-year rule won him the adoration... Read more
Kejriwal urges AAP Supporters to ‘Remain non-violent’
AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday apologized for his party supporters’ behavior in Delhi and Lucknow while protesting his “detention” and urged them to stick to non-violence. “It was going to happen,some of them retaliated after they were attacked. I apologize for their behavior and I once again urge... Read more
Iran Denies Israel Claims of Supplying Rockets for Gaza
Iran rejected on Thursday Israeli allegations that Tehran supplied rockets intended for Palestinian guerrillas in the Gaza Strip.  “This allegation is not true and in principle the message or movement of a ship carrying weapons from Iran to Gaza is not true,” Amir Abdollahian, Deputy Foreign Ministry for Arab... Read more
Oscar Pistorius trial: Athlete asked friend to ‘take the blame’ after firing gun in restaurant
Oscar Pistorius asked a friend to take the blame for him after he accidentally fired a gun at the floor of a restaurant, his murder trial heard today. Kevin Lerena told the North Gauteng High Court how he had joined Pistorius at a Johannesburg restaurant, along with British Olympic... Read more
Saudi led GCC trio withdrew their ambassadors from Qatar
Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain have withdrawn their ambassadors from Qatar. This is an extraordinary public split between GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) associates due to fallen out over the role of Islamists in a region in turmoil.  Qatar’s Cabinet  has shown extreme regret and surprise  at the decision by... Read more
US budgeted 5.9 Billion for Overseas Contingency Operations for 2015
In US budget, $5.9 billion has been allocated for Overseas Contingency Operations in Pakistan and Iraq and to help sustain US gains in Afghanistan through the 2014 transition. The budget for 2015 also focuses on developing a relationship with Pakistan . The budget proposals, announced on Tuesday, seek 1... Read more
Indo Sri Lankan leaders snub Geneva talks during summit in Myanmar
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh met President Rajapaksa yesterday, but didn’t disclose which way New Delhi would vote on the UN resolution seeking an international probe in Sri Lanka’s alleged Human rights abuses during its civil war. Any substantive aspect of the sensitive issue was not discussed as the two... Read more
Kim Jong-Un orders execution of 33 people
Thirty-three North Koreans face execution after being charged with attempting to overthrow the repressive regime of Kim Jong-un.  The Koreans  had worked with South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook and received money to set up 500 underground churches. It is understood they will be put to death in a... Read more
Lavrov says Crimea forces are not Russian
Russian foreign minister repeats assertion that armed men deployed in Ukraine’s peninsula do not answer to Moscow. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia cannot order the “self defence” forces in Ukraine’s Crimea back to their bases because the troops do not answer to Moscow. Speaking in... Read more
Iraqi capital hit by series of blasts
At least 12 people have been killed in a series of explosions, mainly targeting Shia majority areas of Baghdad. Nine bombings, mainly targeting Shia-majority areas of Baghdad, have killed at least 12 people officials said, as Iraq suffers from the worst bout of worst violence it has experienced in... Read more