China has shut down 13,000 websites since 2015: Xinhua
China has shut down or revoked the licenses of 13,000 websites since 2015 for violating the country’s internet rules,...
US intelligence chiefs sound alarm on overseas web spying law
US intelligence chiefs on Thursday sounded the alarm about the imminent expiration of a law that allows them to...
Facebook promises personalised music in first label deal
Facebook announced a licensing deal Thursday with Universal Music Group, its first with a major label, as the social...
Apple and Google settle row
Mobile phone industry giants Apple and Google have agreed to dismiss lawsuits they had brought against each other over technology patents. In a joint statement, the companies said they would work together in “some areas of patent reform”. But the deal did not include licensing their technology to each... Read more
Google aquires Quest Visual: A written language translation start up
Google on Friday confirmed it has bought a startup specializing in using smartphones to translate signs, billboards or other written words in real time. Quest Visual and the technology built into its Word Lens application will become part of a Google team devoted to developing translation features and services.... Read more
Russia loses $275 million satellite in another rocket failure
A Russian rocket carrying a $275 million telecommunications satellite failed and burned up shortly after launch on Friday, the latest in a series of setbacks for Russia’s once-pioneering space industry. It was the second failure for Russia’s workhorse Proton-M rocket in less than a year, and the second time... Read more
Mexican cave skeleton reveals secrets of New World’s first people
A teenage girl perhaps 13,000 years old has been found  in a  Mexican cave Scientists said on Thursday genetic tests on her superbly preserved remains found by cave divers have answered questions about the origins of the Western Hemisphere’s first people and their relationship to today’s Native American populations.... Read more
Scientists unearth unique long-necked herbivore dinosaur in Argentina
Scientists in Argentina on Wednesday announced the discovery of the fossilized remains of a unique member of the famous long-necked, plant-munching dinosaurs known as sauropods, the largest land creatures in Earth’s history. The dinosaur, named Leinkupal laticauda, may be the smallest of the sauropod family called diplodocids, typified by... Read more
With its sights on Apple, China smartphone maker Xiaomi unveils first tablet
Chinese budget smartphone maker Xiaomi unveiled today,  its first tablet, expanding its product lineup to directly challenge established rivals Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Apple Inc. The MiPad, which comes in six colors, will have a 7.9 inch screen, the same size as an iPad Mini. Like other tablets,... Read more
Nanotech poster absorbs pollution
A scientist and an award winning poet, both at the University of Sheffield, have made a giant poster that uses nanotechnology to gobble up pollution. It can absorb the poisonous compounds from around 20 cars each day if you put it by a busy road. The 10m by 20m... Read more
Scientists discover world’s fossilized oldest sperm
Paleontologists have just discovered the world’s oldest-known petrified, fossilized sperm. The sperm dates to at least 16–17 million years ago and was found in a near-perfect state of preservation. The researchers often use one word to describe it: “giant.” “The animal that produced these giant sperm belongs to the... Read more
Yahoo buys self-destructing mobile messaging app Blink
Yahoo has acquired Blink, a mobile application that allows users to share messages that self-destruct. The app will reportedly be shut down in the coming weeks so that Blink’s seven-person team can work on Yahoo’s “smart communication” products. Blink made the announcement on their website, saying they “look forward... Read more
Google Maps adds Great Britain public transport data to its Maps app
Google has added coast-to-coast public transport information for the whole of Great Britain to its Maps app. It said the data included departure times and routes for buses, ferries, trains and trams in England, Scotland and Wales. Read more
3 astronauts return to Earth
A Russian Soyuz space capsule carrying three astronauts who had spent around half a year aboard the International Space Station, landed Wednesday in the steppes of Kazakhstan. The landing occurred on schedule with the capsule descending under a white parachute. It had undocked from the orbiting laboratory some 260... Read more
EU court gives people right to ask Google to delete data
The EU´s top court ruled Tuesday that individuals have the right to ask Internet giant Google to delete personal data. The European Court of Justice said, “an individual has the right “to be forgotten” when such personal data “appear to be inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant, or excessive... Read more
Facebook says it might open sales office in Mainland China
Facebook Inc said it may consider opening a sales office in China to provide more support to local advertisers who use the website to reach customers overseas. While Vaughan Smith, Facebook’s vice-president of corporate development, told the media that it was exploring ways to provide even more support locally,... Read more
‘Nothing can stop retreat’ of West Antarctic glaciers
“Key glaciers in West Antarctica are in an irreversible retreat,” says a study team led by the US space agency (Nasa) It analysed 40 years of observations of six big ice streams draining into the Amundsen Bay and concluded that nothing now can stop them melting away. Although these... Read more