Lebanon will only survive if Hezbollah disarms: Saudi minister
Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Friday that Lebanon had been “hijacked” by Hezbollah and could only flourish if...
FBR extends tax filing date up to December 15
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has extended the date of filing of returns and statements for the tax...
Political risk on Wall Street? Buy the dip!
An abrupt stock selloff on Friday — sparked by a report that magnified concerns about President Donald Trump’s potential...
105 phones seized from passenger at Karachi airport
Customs authorities at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi caught a passenger red handed on a flight from Dubai to Karachi with 105 cell phones concealed on his body in what was a flagrant attempt to transport them illegally. Muhammad Ali Shah who was travelling to Karachi on flight EK-600... Read more
“Instability in Pakistan can impact nuclear security,” US Congressional report
“Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal consists of approximately 110 to 130 India-specific nuclear warheads”, a recent US Congressional report has revealed. Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal is widely regarded as designed to “dissuade” India from taking military action against Pakistan, it added. Although Pakistan’s nuclear programme is widely regarded as designed to deter... Read more
Tackling extremism: Tajikistan police shaves beards off 13,000 men
Police in Tajikistan have forcibly shaved off the  beards of nearly 13,000 men as yet and ‘convinced’ 1,700 women to remove their headscarves in a bid to curb  extremism. Tajikistan, a Muslim majority country with a secular government, has ordered the crackdown which is aimed at reducing “foreign influences”... Read more
Cheetah: World’s fastest land mammal dies in Ohio zoo
An Ohio zoo said earlier today that Sarah, a cheetah designated the world’s fastest land mammal by National Geographic magazine in 2012, has died at the age of 15. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden said in a statement that it had euthanized Sarah earlier yesterday due to her... Read more
Researchers think there might be a possible 9th planet beyond Neptune
The solar system may well be playing host to a ninth planet in our solar system that is about 10 times bigger than Earth and orbiting far beyond Neptune, according to a research published. Computer simulations show that the mystery planet, if it exists, would orbit between about 200... Read more
New video: Bacha Khan Versity attackers vow to target schools
The TTP faction behind the Bacha Khan University slaughter in Charsadda this week issued a chilling video message earlier today vowing to target schools throughout the country, calling them “nurseries” for people who challenge Allah’s law. The video, which spread rapidly on Facebook but was not released on official... Read more
Muslims, Sikh file $11m lawsuit after being ejected from airplane
Three New York based Muslims as well as a Sikh have filed an $11 million federal lawsuit demanding a jury trial for being kicked off a flight home from Canada because of their appearance. The US citizens of both South Asian and Arab descent are suing American Airlines and... Read more
London-based MQM leader may become mayor of Hyderabad city
 A  Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Rabita Committee member based in the UK is likely to become the next mayor of Hyderabad, claim party sources. The announcement has yet to be made but party sources said that unofficially Dr Saleem Danish is being nominated by the MQM as the mayor... Read more
Substandard food: PFA seals hospital canteens over hygiene
The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) continued its crackdown on Thursday on the sale of unhygienic and sub-standard food at hospital canteens throughout the city of Lahore. The PFA Allama Iqbal Town team sealed canteens at Nawaz Sharif Social Security Hospital and the Sharif Medical City Hospital over poor hygiene. Various... Read more
Sugar mill owners mint billions as prices rise suddenly
Sugar mill owners are enthusiastically raking in extra income of billions of rupees as prices of the sweetener have gone up in the domestic market following approval of cash support for sugar export. The millers, besides enjoying Rs6.5 billion in cash support on exports, are now earning billions from... Read more
2 Elite Force personnel martyred in Peshawar firing incident
Two Elite Force personnel were martyred earlier today as unidentified gunmen opened fire on them in Rashid Garhi area within the limits of Yakatoot police station. The victims were identified as Farhan and Shahzeb. Police said both the victims belong to Mardan. Police said armed men attacked the personnel... Read more
Dense fog disrupts road traffic all across Punjab, KPK provinces
Dense fog engulfed several parts of Punjab and KPK and is responsible for  causing road severe traffic disruption. The dense fog blanketed Peshawar and outskirts. The visibility recorded on GT Road and Motorway was 15 meter to 20 meter while in Swabi Mardan and Charsadda visibility was very low.... Read more
Karachi Eat Festival 2016 enters 3rd year
The three-day ‘Karachi Eat Festival’ enters its third year with the addition of koyla karhai, Rajjo ice-cream, Sattar Buksh and Tempt Asian, along with the all time  favourites i.e  churros and khao suey. The 88 stalls will be hosted primarily by local businesses, offering face painting, shirt printing, photo... Read more
BK versity teachers used weapons to save terrorists: Saved lives!
Trapped with around 15 of his students on a third floor balcony of a campus building as gunmen came up the stairs, versity director Mohammad Shakil urged police personnel arriving at the scene to toss him a gun so he could fight back. “We were hiding … but were... Read more