Ed Sheeran rules Spotify in 2017
English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran dominated Spotify in 2017, with his latest album “Divide” played 3.1 billion times worldwide, the...
United States recognises Jerusalem as Israel’s capital
President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognised the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – a historic decision that...
Kashmir and Pakistan are inseparable: President AJ&K
“Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and Kashmir has its identity rooted in Pakistan – the two are inseparable” said...
Suicide bomber: LAEs foil attack on Muharram procession in FATA
Law enforcement agencies  foiled a suicide attempt on a mourning procession and captured a suicide bomber alive in FATA’s restive Kurram Agency. According to LAEs sources, security forces captured a suicide bomber who was trying to blow himself  in a mourning procession. The political official while talking to media said, “the procession was... Read more
US 1st lady Michelle announces $70m  for girls’ education in Pakistan
US First Lady Michelle Obama announced earlier yesterday, that Pakistan has agreed to double spending for education, from two per cent to four per cent of GDP by 2018. In return, the First Lady on Thursday announced a $70 million additional contribution to educate adolescent girls in Pakistan. Her... Read more
PM visits Pentagon as US defence sec. applauds Pakistan’s role in war on terror
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif visited the Pentagon in Washington DC late yesterday at the invitation of US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and discussed with him bilateral defense relations and the regional security situation. On arrival, the Prime Minister was received by the Defense Secretary, as “Honor Cordon” was... Read more
Pakistan, ADB sign $178m deal for M-4 motorway
Pakistan and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) earlier yesterday signed a loan agreement of $178 million for construction of the Gojra-Shorkot section of the M-4 Motorway, this section is aimed at linking the southern parts of the country with the northern belt. The United Kingdom will also fund road... Read more
Over 9,000 ‘hate preaching mullas’ nabbed under NAP
Around 9400 hate mongering maulvies, speakers and clerics have been apprehended on charges of fanning the flames of sectarian hate as the government stepped up efforts to curb strife as part of the National Action Plan (NAP). “All of them were found involved in fuelling sectarianism in the name... Read more
CIA Lahore arrests 5 members of LeJ death squad
Five members of the dreaded sectarian outfit LeJ who were allegedly planning to target Muharram processions, government officials, including the prime minister and the Punjab chief minister, and important buildings such as the American Embassy have been arrested. The Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) Lahore made the arrests in Dubai... Read more