Political risk on Wall Street? Buy the dip!
An abrupt stock selloff on Friday — sparked by a report that magnified concerns about President Donald Trump’s potential...
Flynn pleads guilty on Russia; reportedly ready to testify on Trump
Former US national security adviser Michael Flynn pleaded guilty on Friday to lying to the FBI about contacts with...
FO condemns ballistic missile attack on Saudi Arabia
The Foreign Office condemned ballistic missile attack by Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Saudi Arabia. In a statement issued on...
Obama seeks to ease Mideast deadlock in meeting with Palestinian president
President Barack Obama is seeking to ease the deadlock in elusive Mideast peace talks as a deadline nears.Obama meets at the White House on Monday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas The meeting marks a renewed foray by Obama into a diplomatic minefield that he’s mostly left up to Secretary... Read more
Pakistan may get U.S. military equipment in Afghanistan
The U.S. military is struggling to dispose of $7 billion worth of armored vehicles and other equipment now that its war in Afghanistan is ending.Some of it could be driven across the border and handed over to Pakistan, part of an effort by the Pentagon to unload excess military... Read more
Google Doodle for Holi is a riot of colours!
After the International Women’s Day Google doodle video that had Indian faces like legendary Bollywood playback singer Asha Bhosle and Olympian boxer M C Mary Kom, the search engine giant has on display a special doodle for the Indian festival of colours, Holi. Read more
Victory in Yabroud- Syria
On 16 March, Syrian troops, backed by Hezbollah fighters, captured most, if not all, of Yabrud, after entering the eastern part of the town the previous night. Government forces had secured the town’s main square, the Al-Akhzar Grand Mosque and the town’s Catholic church.Most of the opposition forces withdrew... Read more
Gazans to remain without electricity as fuel delivery gets delayed
Gazans will have to stay without power till at least Monday as the only power plant in the besieged enclave is still out of fuel.On Sunday, the deputy director of Gaza’s Energy Authority, Fathi al-Sheikh Khalil, said that “We were expecting the delivery today (Sunday) of 500,000 liters of... Read more
Australia increases efforts in search for missing Malaysian airlines Boeing 777
Australia has accepted a request from Malaysia to take charge of the “southern vector” of the search for a Malaysia Airlines jetliner which has been missing along with its entire complement of passengers for a week.The Australians have allocated additional surveillance resources to bolster the two Australian Orion aircraft... Read more
Chris Pine of Star Trek fame pleads guilty to driving under influence in NZ
Actor’s license to be suspended for six months. Hollywood action star Chris Pine pleaded guilty to charges of drunk driving in New Zealand on Monday after being pulled over earlier in the month, according to news sources. Pine had to pay a $79 fine and will have his New... Read more
Pollution In Paris: Thousands of cars forced off the road
Paris has taken drastic measures to curb soaring pollution levels by forcing all cars with number plates ending in even numbers off the road for the first time in two decades. Around 700 police officers were deployed to man 60 checkpoints around the French capital to ensure that only... Read more
Dust strengthened Indian monsoons
A new analysis of data from satellite has revealed a link between dust in North Africa and West Asia and stronger monsoons in India. The Indian Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar, India, and their coauthors wanted to explore a correlation that appeared in satellite records i.e higher amounts of small... Read more
EU to consider Russia sanctions
Western nations  denounce Crimea’s vote to break away from Ukraine and join Russia. The United States and the EU last night gave a statement that they would not recognise the result of a referendum which they regard as “illegitimate” and a violation of Ukrainian sovereignty. Following the overwhelming vote... Read more
YouTube ban to go!!
According to  Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid  the ban on YouTube would be lifted soon because a software had been developed for blocking content that hurt people’s sentiments. The video sharing website was blocked in September 2012 after its administration and Google Incorporation refused to comply with a request by... Read more
Crimea speaks: Russia, not Ukraine says the Crimean voter
Crimeans voted overwhelmingly Sunday to join former political master Russia as tensions soared in the east of the splintered ex-Soviet nation, in the worst East-West crisis since the Cold War. Partial results with more than half the ballots counted showed 95.5 percent of voters were in favour of leaving... Read more
Defence Minister Khawaja Asif  rejects major Taliban Demand
Leaders of the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) are reported to have handed over to their committee headed by Maulana Samiul Haq a list of more than 60 such people who they claim are in the custody of the armed forces. The defence minister said in a statement issued here... Read more
Main suspect in Muzzafargarh Rape Case sent on 3 day physical remand
 The magistrate ordered that Nadir should be handed over to the police and sent on 3 day remand.During the hearing of the case, the suspect identified as Nadir denied all accusations levelled against him. Police said that they have collected evidence from the scene of the crime including the... Read more